the lament

April 16, 2013

Trees green

the shores of the lake.  Above, arches

an ancient one, its dying branches



Withered leaves 



to the surface of the

water, their curled forms

funeral rafts. 


Legging across

the shallows, tufted seeds

wander, tracing the path of

their final journey. Warmth


from the shore as

shadows fall. All are silent,


to the last song of the cottonwood.

2 Responses to “the lament”

  1. How beautiful. I just finished writing one with an entirely different purpose, with tongue firmly in cheek – weird that we keep thinking of similar topics…

  2. Pam said

    I know! I’ll put up another one that reminded me of the one you posted yesterday. Different, yet the same themes come through.
    Thanks for your complement.

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