September 3, 2013


In the flatlands

of misbegotten prairies

I take my mountains

where I find them, knowing

the trails are no less steep,

the switchbacks

no less sharp,

the questions, boulders.

Show me the

way, a glimpse at a time.

Lead me to open sky.

5 Responses to “climbing”

  1. anetrabyle said

    Reblogged this on anetrabyle and commented:
    Breathe stopping

  2. Pam said

    thank you…it’s good to know it touched you in some way
    Thanks for the reblog, as well!

  3. judysbirds said

    Stunning imagery. “In the flatlands of misbegotten prairies.” What an opening phrase. Stopped me in my tracks.

  4. judysbirds said

    By the way, may I repost this poem, giving you credit (of course!!) as the author, on another blog where I know someone who will really appreciate this?

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