September 6, 2013


The crescent of time

reaches, curling

in on the days,

these shortening days

of migration,

when children

flock, backbacks


and V’d formations

etch the skies.

Listen now, listen;

hear their cries,

hear their voices, wild

and high.


4 Responses to “summons”

  1. Scampy said

    Beautiful imagery. I love the last line ‘Hear their voices, wild and high’ – this gives me the sense of migration (and the beginnings of a new season) as being an event full of excitement and adventure, the start of something new and wonderful.

    • Pam said

      when that last line popped into my head, I knew it captured the essence of what I was trying to say…love when that happens! Thanks for letting me know your thoughts – it means a lot.

  2. Your first line and last are perfect bookmarks – I love how the children’s voices are just like the geese flying south this time of year..

    • Pam said

      I was surprised by that realization that came to me as I was writing. Isn’t it wonderful what we learn through the process of putting words down? Thanks for telling me what you thought.

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