letters, one by one

September 18, 2013

the writing bridge

Though miles separate us, we remain

true through the decades…writing the strands

of our days, making ropes

of words, braiding

our hopes, our fears,

our pain, into a bridge

of trust, held steady by love.


6 Responses to “letters, one by one”

  1. Peter Fifield said

    The Imagery you place with your poems is very moving. Beautiful photography to go along with the beautiful poetry, I really enjoy this blog, and will be back often to see what you have penned..

  2. Sarah said

    I’m curious about this wonderful poem, as it stirs up many similar feelings in me. Was your friendship broken and now you’re repairing it? Or are you simply reconnecting after years of drifting apart?

    • Pam said

      hmmm…maybe I left something out. This is my oldest friendship – of over 45 years. We lost touch for about 10 years after college, but reconnected when my friend had cancer. We’ve gone from writing notes in class to letters while our children were young, to e-mail these last 15 years. It’s a precious treasure to have such a longtime friend, for we know and understand so much about each other. I wanted to honor that with this poem. I’m so happy to hear that you have such a friend, as well!

  3. Beautiful image, beautiful words.

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