passing over

December 30, 2013

crossing over, year's end


and heaven and nature sing

December 28, 2013

and heaven and nature sing

repeat the sounding joy

December 25, 2013

repeat the sounding joy

all is calm, all is bright

December 23, 2013

all is calm, all is bright

the junko’s breast

December 22, 2013

through barren branches
the sky appears, puzzle pieces
of feathery gray

a late descent

December 21, 2013

a late descent


December 20, 2013


Walking the snowy
back acre a half century later,
my boots punch holes, voids
filling with memories of

my brother and me packing a track:
marching up and down the icy slope,
running in buckled boots to bellyflop
hard onto wooden sleds, their steel

runners carving parallels that
cross on downward flights,
our laughter scattering
like sparrows across the field.

listna, listna

December 15, 2013

listna, listna

all is covered/muffled
by the blanketing snow

where are the rustling movements
of wildlife, the whistle of wind?

even our boots make no sound

yet still there is music…
can you hear?

for unto you

December 15, 2013

for unto you

a walk in the snow

December 14, 2013

a walk in the snow

kisses whisper
against exposed cheeks
melt into eyelashes,

a wrapped scarf, blowing