in the grip

January 8, 2014

in the grip

harsh light strikes
the snow, richochetting
back into the piercing
blue of winter’s sky


4 Responses to “in the grip”

  1. Great photo. amazing what frost can do, given the time and opportunity!!! Very interesting comparison, too – very daring to compare lightning in this way, but it works.

    • Pam said

      hmmm…I didn’t really intend for the reader to think of lightening – just the hard to look at light that hits the snow and makes our eyes hurt to look at it. It’s always interesting to read other’s interpretations.

      • Oh! 🙂 Isn’t that funny. I guess it’s all the same effect in the end, isn’t it? I love hearing what pops into people’s minds about what I write, too – what an amazing and diverse humanity we are a part of!

  2. Pam said

    I know – it makes life interesting, and often funny, doesn’t it?

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