January 9, 2014


what is it about you
that attracts my attention?

could it be your implied pattern –
a bold clarity in black and white

or is it what lies hidden
just beneath the surface?

colors and textures waiting
to be discovered by the thaw

unleashed in the warmth and
wash of rains to come


4 Responses to “conceal/reveal”

  1. Lots of layers here – no pun intended… 🙂

    • Pam said

      thanks, Melody – this patterning stopped me in my tracks – had to use my phone camera for the first time, as I left my other camera at home…all good for learning new things!

      • It’s pretty hard to carry equipment around all the time – but I have sure missed out on some interesting things being caught without my camera!! 😉

  2. Pam said

    and it’s often impossible to get the same image later on… I’ve learned to trust instinct, and act on it, if possible, at the time. I know you do!

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