the wait

May 18, 2014

the wait

between breaths,
silver fish dart

the water’s mirror broken
as they leap


7 Responses to “the wait”

  1. Humbling, rather, to be shown up by a bird. They wait much more graciously than I….

    • Pam said

      isn’t that the truth … so good to hear from you, Melody!

      • I have been sorely missing my blogging community this past month or so – the play I am co-directing will conclude itself this coming week, and as the school year draws to a close, my time will be freer. I miss writing and interacting with my ‘regulars’! 😉

      • Pam said

        I have been less active blogging, too. My winter teaching schedule was pretty busy, along with the severe cold keeping me inside, but I’m freer now. Good luck with your play!

      • Thanks Pam! I didn’t realize you were teaching. What field?

  2. Pam said

    I teach drawing and painting and book binding, among other things…

  3. Joanne said

    Beautiful capture!

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